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Accueil Plate-forme Régionale Eco-technologies pour les Agro-Bioprocédés

Publications PresTi

Publications EcoTech
Les publications scientifiques permettent de diffuser des informations scientifiques et techniques, dans le respect très strict des clauses contractuelles de propriété intellectuelle, définies avec chaque partenaire.

Publications scientifiques récentes :

Bijankhan, M., Kouchakzadeh, S., & Belaud, G. (2017). Application of the submerged experimental velocity profiles for the sluice gate’s stage-discharge relationship. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 54, 97–108.

Vinatier, F., Bailly, J.-S., & Belaud, G. (2017). From 3D grassy vegetation point cloud to hydraulic resistance: Application to close-range estimation of Manning coefficients for intermittent open channels. Ecohydrology, 10(8), e1885. http://doi.org/10.1002/eco.1885

Ghadivel, A., Bijankhan, M., Kouchakzadeh, S., & Belaud, G. (2016). Discussion of ” Numerical Modeling of Submerged Hydraulic Jump from a Sluice Gate.” by Gumus, V., Simsek, O., Soydan, N., Akoz, M., and Kirkgoz, M. (2015). J. Irrig. Drain Eng., 10.1061. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering.

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Gumiere, S. J., J. S. Bailly, B. Cheviron, D. Raclot, Y. L. Bissonnais and A. N. Rousseau (2015). "Evaluating the impact of the spatial distribution of land management practices on water erosion: Case study of a mediterranean catchment." Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 20(6).

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Richa, A., A. Douaoui, N. Bettahar, Z. Qiang and J. C. Mailhol (2015). "Assessment and modeling the influence of nitrogen input in the soil on groundwater nitrate pollution: Plain of upper- cheliff (north algeria)." Global Nest Journal 17(4): 744755.

Seidel, S. J., N. Schütze, M. Fahle, J. C. Mailhol and P. Ruelle (2015). "Optimal Irrigation Scheduling, Irrigation Control and Drip Line Layout to Increase Water Productivity and Profit in Subsurface Drip-Irrigated Agriculture." Irrigation and Drainage 64(4): 501-518.

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Stevenin, C., A. Vallet, S. Tomas, M. Amielh and F. Anselmet (2016). "Eulerian atomization modeling of a pressureatomized spray for sprinkler irrigation." International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 57: 142-149. Serial

Bader J.C., Belaud G., Lamagat J.P., Ferret T., Vauchel P., 2017: Modélisation de propagation d'écoulement entre lits mineur et majeur sur les fleuves Sénégal et Niger. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 62, 3, 447-466. DOI : 10.1080/02626667.2016.1148815. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/02626667.2016.1148815.

Bijankhan M., Kouchakzadeh S., Belaud G., 2017: Application of the submerged experimental velocity profiles for the sluice gate's stage-discharge relationship. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 54, 97-108.

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Rizk N., Ait-Mouheb N., Bourrié G., Molle B., Roche N., 2017: Parameters controlling chemical deposits in micro-irrigation with treated wastewater. Journal of Water Supply Research and Technology-Aqua, 66, 8, 587-597. http://dx.doi.org/10.2166/aqua.2017.065. http://irsteadoc.irstea.fr/cemoa/PUB00055635.
Thèses de doctorat ayant eu recours à la halle hydraulique du plateau PReSTI:
1. M. Bijankhan. Parallel jets under sluice gates, Univ. Tehran, 2015

2. F. Ghazemzadeh. Unsteady flow for discharge measurement structures, Univ. Tehran, 2018

3. G. Rudi.  – soutenance prevue 2019.

4. Nancy RIZK - 5. 2017 - Caractérisation du colmatage chimique et biologique et leurs interactions au sein d'un dispositif de micro-irrigation dans le contexte de la réutilisation des eaux usées épurées - Nancy Rizk

5. Jafar AL-MUHAMMAD , 2016 - Ecoulement dans un canal millimétrique : étude numérique et expérimentale - AlMuhamad Jafar